“Do you like watching movies?” The reporter asked a group of children in LongQuanGuan Primary School, FuPing County, BaoDing, Hebei Province.

Children twitter and wonder, don’t know what is movie. Some of them like to read the news, and some of them like to watch TV shows, and others like to see the cartoon show. A little girl named Wang Yue who said that she likes to watch movies and named “zombies” and “Tomb Notes.” These films are all viewed through parents’ mobile phones.

“Do you like watching movies?” This question reflects a status quo: rural children don’t have an appropriate movie to watch! First of all, there hasn’t enough good movies to supply to rural areas. Internet has lot of different kind of information and movies, most of that, children aren’t suitable for watching or searching. Secondly, there is not enough movie theatre. At present, there only have 10,000 cinemas in our country, with a total of 49,000 screens. There is no film screen exclusively for rural children. In FuPing County, cinemas were only available in the county seat, most people won’t go to the county town once a year, even though they will watch movie in the town.

Based on this, on January 15, 2018, China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Beijing Film Academy and Canadian association Industrial and Commercial jointly launched “Yi Xing One”, a charity project with the theme of caring for left-behind children’s mental health. Early Fuping has 13 schools donated film screening equipment, to achieve full coverage of more than 200 schools.

Fuping is located in the TaiHang Mountains, the old revolutionary base areas, but also the key state poverty alleviation work. At the end of 2012, General Secretary Xi visit the poverty alleviation and development work in Fuping and made important instructions on building a well-off society environment in that areas. Fuping has shortcomings in the course of rural quality education. The film, through a comprehensive form of artistic expression, is conducive to enhancing students’ aesthetic and humanistic accomplishments, and has played a significant role in promoting quality education.

In Fuping Longquan Primary School’s film screenings room, we watched the movie together with the students, “Whirlwind Women’s Team.” Although the room is classroom, the professionalism of the equipment is not bad at all. The clarity of the screening films has reached the level of high-definition movies, with professional high-quality movie sound and standard silver screens of 16 to 9. There are about 50 genuine movies recommended by education experts every year.

According to Zhu Xi-sheng, secretary-general of China Children and Teenagers Foundation, “Yixing one screen” public welfare project takes high-quality movie and cultural works as the fulcrum and popularizes standardized movie education across the country by creating a  channel of films viewing for children, the same viewing experience as urban kids, through watching the recommended high-quality movies which can create cultural influence, and to promote the comprehensive and healthy growth of body and mind. The project, jointly developed by Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Albert Video Culture Development Co., Ltd., will develop film and television education programs. Each year they provide free training for a professional film and television education teacher at schools, who is responsible for the screening and explanation of the film. Hopefully schools’ film education curriculum will gradually develop through Beijing Film Academy’s professional guidance.

Sun Li-jun, vice president of Beijing Film Academy, also concerns about the current situation of rural movies in China. He said that the box office and facilities of Chinese films are the most advanced in the world. However, the quality of films needs to be improved, especially for Chinese children’s films, animated films, opera films, etc. Movie quality content is lacking. As a result, he participated in the launch of “Yixing one screen”, he hopes that this charity project helps children in poor areas can also watch the movies that only the children in first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai can watch. He said as the living standard becomes better, we should also let the children’s spiritual world becomes richer. He also hopes that children will be inspired to have the spirit to pursuit their dreams through good movies so that a dream seed planted at a young age. At the same time, he hopes to unite more movie-involved people to promote the Fuping Village Film Festival, to promote tourism products, movie products and creative products, and promote Fuping in more ways all over the world to tackle the problem of poverty alleviation.

Gao Junguo, the Canadian Association of Industry and Commerce, said that as a Chinese resident living in Canada, we have the obligation and the responsibility to care for the healthy growth of the motherland’s next generation, to create a beautiful childhood for our children and to give our children a passion and strength for their dreams. As a non-profit organization registered by the Canadian federal government, the Canadian Association of Industry and Commerce provides a cooperation platform for entrepreneurs and hopes more entrepreneurs and friends will participate in this activity to benefit more children and adolescents to grow healthy.

Sources from China Children and Teenagers Foundation


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